The Weight of Your World:
A Force of Nature Interactive Event


During a public interactive event at Classic Cars West Gallery, visitors to the installation got to step into the role of “Force of Nature” participants. Attendees estimated how much time they spend on paid labor and unpaid labor in a custom-built app. If they reported, for example, that they spent 56 hours out of every 100 on paid work and 32 hours on unpaid work, they were handed 56 POUNDS and 32 POUNDS of stones to carry. They then had their portrait taken wearing or carrying a custom-generated sculpture of their working hours.


Stones came in 10, 5, and 1 pound increments. Each pound represented an hour of labor performed, and each stone was labeled with a punched time card so each hour was precisely accounted for. Additionally, stones came sewn into either black or white stretchy sacks... black stood out against the background (paid) and white blended in (unpaid). The stretchy-ness of the fabric allowed participants to hold onto the stones without having to actually lift them all.


By examining their own workloads, and those of partners and friends, and shouldering physical depictions of those loads, the experience gave people new insight as to how they fit in to the larger labor landscape.